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Peer Block for Windows 10

Peer Block for Windows 10

Peer Block is a free personal firewall. Peer Block enables you to control your system by blocking incoming and outgoing connections to Internet. It is also known as IP Filter program. Peer Block for Windows 10 is a peer blocking software, based on the concept of IP blocking. It will completely block your PC interaction with other computers, which are unsafe and damage your system. Peer Block has its own block list and you can add your own lists. Peer Block has many type of block lists, you can select according to your choice.

Download and Install Peer Block for Windows 10

You can download Peer Block for Windows 10. Download Peer Block from website of Peer Block. You can easily download and install Peer Block software. Just follow step by step instructions of installation process.Peer Block for Windows 10

Features of Peer Block:

  • Peer Block has its own block lists and it is always maintained and updated by Peer Block.
  • Peer Block settings will allow users to customize its program interface and operations.
  • Advanced features of Port setting Tab will allow you to unblock ports. It will remove filter of all connections, and keeps incoming and outgoing ports open for communication.
  • Users can make list of websites, IP addresses which they would like to block.
  • Peer Block fights against viruses or threats infections. They will not allow threats to come inside the system. It will just block your connections.
  • Peer Block provides updated list of host addresses, which are separated into advertising spyware, education, and peer to peer.
  • Peer Block monitors investigators IP Addresses by using sophisticated tracking device.

Peer Block is one of the finest programs. It creates extra protection layer around your system by blocking the connections. Peer Block will also assist you to monitor all network connections of your computer with other computers. Peer Block uses block lists provided by iblocklist.com. Peer Block for Windows 10 is based on old Peer Guardian program.