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Sandboxie for Windows 10

Sandboxie for Windows 10

Sandboxie is a program developed for windows, which runs programs in an isolated space and effectively prevents them from making permanent changes to the system. Sandboxie for Windows 10 is the best way to enhance the overall security of your system. Sandboxie creates protection level to all programs, which is examined and managed by Sandboxie.

Using Sandboxie, you can easily browse web pages without any fear.

Download and Install Sandboxie for Windows 10

Sandboxie supports Windows 10. Sandboxie is available in many languages. It is very easy to download. Sandboxie installation is simple and straightforward. You just need to run and setup file of Sandboxie program. Follow the all instructions step by step. After downloading and installing this program, you can see window titled Sandboxie Control. It is a main Window of Sandboxie.

Sandboxie for Windows 10

Features of Sandboxie:

  • Sandboxie makes your Internet surfing safe and secure.
  • You can easily delete unnecessary data which is created by Internet surfing. Sandboxie keeps record of temporary files, cookies, cache.
  • You just need to delete the Sandboxie Contents.
  • Sandboxie provides isolated environment. It will keep your main operating system free and safe.
  • You can safely test and try new applications and software. Changes made in installation will be saved in Sandboxie folder, not in your operating system.
  • Sandboxie will block internet sited and programs from accessing personal data, file, and folders available in your system.
  • Always run your favorite email program in Sandboxie. Don’t worry about Email threats and viruses.
  • Any program that is running inside Sandboxie can be closed normally. You can use this option, when you want to close running program in an emergency situation.
  • You can easily delete contents of Sandboxie. To keep your PC safe, you must delete it on a regular basis.
  • You can create shortcuts for sandboxed programs.

Every day, we are browsing many websites and downloading huge data. Day by day usage of Internet has been increased. We all know about malware infection. You may get infected by many ways like downloading data, clicking on bad link, email checking etc. Sandboxie is great application, which will keep you safe and protected from dangerous sites and data.