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SHAREit For Windows 10

Download Shareit for Windows 10: Want to share an important file from your phone to the Windows 10 PC? You haven’t got an internet connection? Lost your pendrive? Relax. SHAREit for the rescue! Share photos, audios, videos, applications and any other files from your PC/Laptop and transfer files from your smartphones to your system, now using Shareit. It works in no time – no more delays. No internet connection, USB or Bluetooth is required.


It lets you transfer files from various devices, using direct WiFi connections. The very basic process or idea behind Shareit is that, Shareit only communicates with other SHAREit-enabled devices, no matter what platform you are using.

It creates a direct wireless connection and forms a small network, unlike transferring data over a general WiFi connection or Bluetooth.

It is the most fastest cross-platform file transfer tool. There are many features that Shareit provides you with when used in Windows 10, making it our favorite and efficient file transfer tool. Here is a look at what some of them are,
You can share files whenever and wherever without any network restrictions using Shareit for Windows 10
Shareit is 100 and more times faster than Bluetooth – making it very quick cross platform file transfer. Share files over different devices.

Simple and easy to use
Control your PPT, view your photos and a lot more with Shareit. Let us check how Shareit works and how to download/install the application. You can always download Shareit for your PC or Desktop using BlueStacks in Windows 10 just in few steps.

First of all, make sure that you have BlueStacks installed in your system, if not you can download and install the app player. This link can help you with it.

Now that you have BlueStacks installed in your PC, go to the search option and type Shareit.
Search for Shareit, choose the file and get it installed. Start running the app once installation is done.

Now within the app, there are two options – Send and Receive. You can send files to anyone by just tapping on Send and in the same way you get to receive filefrom anyone by using the Receive option. One can even set locations for the received files. Shareit is just as easy to use as Bluetooth or internet, or maybe even easier and quicker than those. Don’t wait, get SHAREit installed and start transferring files with ease!