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Silverlight for Windows 10

Silverlight for Windows 10

Silverlight is a great plug-in, specially designed for developers and designers to integrate multimedia and graphics into web pages. Silverlight is a lightweight plug-in, which allows you to experience and delivered next generation of media and rich interactive applications. It is fantastic tool to create interactive web and mobile applications. Silverlight for Windows 10 is based on .Net Framework.

Silverlight for Windows 10

Silverlight fully supports Windows operating system. It is available for Windows 10. Verify system requirements and click on download tab. Then click on Run option to start the installation.

Silverlight is a free and easy to download application. Silverlight is compatible with all browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Silverlight is also works on all operating system like Windows and Mac, Linux.Silverlight for Windows 10

Features of Silverlight:

  • Silverlight supports IIS Smooth Streaming, which provides high quality viewing experience. It will give you amazing visual experience.
  • Silverlight’s Pivot Viewer displays high resolution content without long loading of web pages. Pivot Viewer is simple, informative and fun feature of Silverlight. It uploads massive data in simple and easier way.
  • Sketch Flow creates fast and easy interactive designs. This tool is a great quick way to explore your ideas and imaginations. Sketch Flow is very helpful in product development and design.
  • Deep Zoom tool allows you to quickly zoom in and zoom out images, web pages. Deep Zoom supports smooth loading and provides high quality performance.
  • Pixel Shader effects provide blurs and drop shadow that can be applied to any graphical substance and animated object.
  • Silverlight has 60 high-quality, customizable controls.
  • Skinning and Styling is allow designers to create graphics and the use it in customize control.
  • Perspective 3D graphics is great feature of Silverlight, which allows designer to apply content to a 3D pane.
    Silverlight can easily support a variety of third party codes.

Silverlight is a web based digital video technology. Silverlight also allows you to watch movies and TV shows on your PC/System. Silverlight for Windows 10 is based on multimedia, animation, graphics, audio, and video tools. Silverlight creates interactive application for the web. It is similar to Adobe Flash.