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Sublime Text 3 for Windows 10

Sublime Text 3 is a text editor for code, html and prose. It is commonly used by web developers, coders and programmers. Sublime Text 3 for Windows 10 works on all operating systems including Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Sublime Text 3 for Windows 10

Sublime Text 3 supports Windows operating system. You can easily download Sublime Text 3 for Windows 10. Go to Sublime Text 3 website. Then download Sublime Text 3 setup file. Run the setup file and follow the instruction for installation process. After successfully installing Sublime Text 3, open Sublime Text 3 file from menu. Sublime Text 3 is free to download and use.Sublime Text 3 for Windows 10

Features of Sublime Text 3

  • Command Palette holds infrequently used functionality like sorting and changing the syntax. Command Palette runs toolbar actions. You can open Command Palette option using shortcut key.
  • If you are working with multiple files, then Sublime Text 3 allow you to view two column panes side by side. Users can view files in horizontal or vertical format, whichever you like.
  • Instant Project Switch allows you to switch instantly between projects. Without saving actions you can switch to other projects. All changes and modifications can restore it next.
  • Git packages allows you to run Git Command
  • Sublime Text 3 has amazing feature of Package Control. Package Control is group of plugins written by sublime Text 3 community. To enjoy benefits of Package Control, you must install it. After installing, you can search for Package Control in the Command Palette.
  • Distraction Free Mode feature will remove all distractions. As a Coder you should work constantly with focus and without any distractions. Sublime Text 3 allows you to do this through Distraction Free Mode feature.
  • Sublime Text 3 users must have Packages. You can install package through Package Control Tool. You can open it in Command Palette. Search packages by their name.
  • Multiple selections allow you to do many changes at one time. Just select lines, files and then apply format or actions. It will save your time.
  • You can customize anything in Sublime Text 3. You can change menus, snippets, shortcut keys and macros as per your need.