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TextExpander for Windows 10

TextExpander for Windows 10

TextExpander is the fantastic software available for typing and texting. TextExpander for Windows 10 will assist users to type data fast and accurate. It will avoid repetitive typing and gives you quick access frequently used text phrases. Users can assign shortcuts and macros for text, which can be used in document preparation, email writing and texting. TextExpander will save your time of typing or texting. You can create shortcut for words, phrases and sentences.

Download and Install TextExpander for Windows 10

TextExpander supports Windows 10 and you can easily download TextExpander application. You need to download the application installer and run the downloaded installer. Follow the step by step instructions to finish installation process. Once you completed installation process, you can start TextExpander application immediately.TextExpander for Windows 10

TextExpander Features :

  • TextExpander allows you to work faster and smarter.
  • TextExpander provides powerful snippets and abbreviations, which will help you to finish your task fast.
  • Users can create powerful snippets to save their time. You can expand your snippets in any application from single lines to whole paragraphs.
  • You can style your snippet text and add images and links.
  • Spelling correction is available in multiple languages.
  • It supports group snippets and print by group functions.
  • You can also search and expand snippets, abbreviations, and suggestions inline as you type
  • You can set the reminders to use your snippets and suggestions as you type
  • TextExpander application can be use by group or team, where you can share snippets with your team to keep Team work accurate and updated.
  • Team manager can send messages and solves queries.
  • You can Share snippets easily with coworkers and friends.
  • TextExpander will allow user to setup an organization to easily manage and share snippets with team.
  • TextExpander supports fill-in-the-blank snippets for creating custom forms.
  • Users can automatically insert clipboard content in a snippet.
  • You can create email signatures. You can also create snippets and signatures with formatted text, picture and links.
  • TextExpander allows you to quickly insert the date, anywhere. Add future due dates to your invoices and current dates to your file names, all without picking up a calendar.
  • Users can insert the current date and time in any format.
  • Using TextExpander you can create sling code, create scripts, craft HTML and CSS.
  • You can create editor-independent code templates. This is the best features for programmers.

TextExpander for Windows 10 is the most powerful application for text editing and typing. It will reduce headache of typing task and make it simpler. You will love to use this wonderful application. It has many excellent features and functions.

Overall, TextExpander is the first choice for all users. So Download it and enjoy TextExpander’s amazing features.