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Top 8 Battery Drain Fixes for Windows 10

Top 8 Battery Drain Fixes for Windows 10

Save Battery on your Windows PC with these best Windows 10 Battery saver software. Sometimes we have to encounter laptop battery issues that spoil our flow of work and browsing. At times you might also experience your laptop or PC running out of battery at critical time. Or you might find that the battery of your 1 year old PC barely lasts for 2-3 hours. At these crucial times you need the assistance of battery saver apps designed exclusively to ensure you more PC Battery life. Let’s visit the top 8 battery drain fixes for Windows 10 to optimize the performance on your PC.

Top 8 Battery Drain Fixes for Windows 10

Given below is a list of top battery saver apps for Windows 10 which can extend your PC’s Battery capacity, save power and also ensure optimization of your computer for better performance.

1. Battery Life Extender for Windows 10

If a Samsung Chromebook laptop is what you own, then Battery Life Extender is the best battery saver app we could recommend for your PC. This software optimizes your laptop battery in a number of ways thus enabling it to function more efficiently.

The best part is that you can rely on this app which won’t let your battery be over charged for extra life and gives you the control of charge level, thus running in the background. You can also save money when you postpone the purchase of replacement.

2. Battery Care for Windows 10

Free software that looks after your PC battery by preventing unnecessary battery drainage. Battery Care measures discharge cycles of the battery instead of its stowed energy and provides all exact stats and notifies you about the remaining time, level of consumption, capacities, wear level, manufacturer etc. as well.

Battery Care spontaneously chooses the power plan based on the power source of your laptop/ PC and also if the newer versions are available, the program updates automatically.

3. Battery Optimizer for Windows 10

Battery Optimizer optimizes your system tasks and user accounts thus saving power and ensuring you maximum battery life. It updates you punctually about battery time left, battery lift gain/loss by making certain changes in the settings an via simple management of battery usage.

This app can also advise you about how you can save battery charge by managing certain hardware and software.

4. Battery Doubler for Windows 10

This re calibration wizard and batty saver has a very simple and user friendly interface that helps you save your battery energy and redeem its lifetime.

It carries out the mission by turning off apps which are currently not in use (USB, HDMI port etc.) and also notifies you of residual battery life and other tasks.

5. Power Panel Personal Edition for Windows 10

Software which is a part of CyberPower UPS products that guarantees safety of your system alongside all components, peripherals and data by giving you the authority to control and monitor the UPS usage. Its peculiarities include management of running time, event logging, self-testing, and planned shutdowns.

6. Laptop Battery Saver 5.9 for Windows 10

You can now double your computer’s battery life by the new Laptop Battery Saver app that employs the recent technology to run the CPU with extra stability. It increases your battery efficiency via advanced scan and adjusts your system’s screen and light to standby mode.

7. Battery Logger for Windows 10

Battery Logger works by logging your battery’s life percentage which help you identify poor batteries or diagnose your battery’s response to unusual performance.

8. 100 Fold Automation Laptop Battery for Windows 10

The software examines details like rate of battery discharge, remaining time, charge rate etc. and works according to that and inscribes info to a text file. It is also possible to compete batteries if the old batteries require a replacement.

Battery saver apps solve your PC battery issues with its various battery saving features and battery saving tips, which also includes an alarm that notifies you to alter your settings.