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Tor Browser for Windows 10

Tor Browser for Windows 10

Tor Browser is a browser, which is specially developed for anonymous web surfing /browsing. It will give you protection and maintain privacy of information. Tor Browser will not allow anybody to access your information, connection, location and you can freely visit any websites. Tor Browser is more secure and safe browser. Tor Browser is developed by the United States Navy to protect their sensitive data and online communication.


Tor Browser for Windows 10      

Tor Browser fully supports Windows 10. Tor Browser is available in multiple languages. Go to Tor Browser website and click on Download Button. Tor Browser is free and easy to use software.

Tor Browser is available on all operating system like Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

Features of Tor Browser

  • Tor Browser is safe and secure method of browsing. It will always protect your anonymity.
  • Tor Browser allows users to browse the Internet, chat, and send quick messages
  • Tor Browser is first choice for many private businesses, as they need to keep their information confidential.
  • It is also used by government organizations, reporters, and Law enforcement officials.
  • Tor Browser is based on Onion Routing, like Onions has many layers same way Tor Browser hide your browsing information securely with many layers.
  • Tor Browser has simple interface for complex security tools.
  • Tor Browser has very easy interface, which enables you to easily change the on and off connections, when you need to go online anonymously.
  • Tor Browser will help you to protect your system from various threats and viruses.        
  • If you want to check that you are surfing anonymouslyor not, then you can use online Tor Detector. The Tor Onion logo changes from yellow to green in your taskbar, when your connection is on.


Tor Browser is designed for everyone who wants to improve their safety and security on the Internet. Tor Browser is well developed security tool with simple interface, offering high level security of online information.