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Total Commander for Windows 10 Free Download

Total Commander for Windows 10 Free Download

Total Commander is file manager program for Windows 10. Total Commander is similar to Windows Explorer. Users can organized and access all files easily. The Total Commander for Windows 10 free download is available with many features and more functionality. It has many tricks and ideas to handle user’s file system in simple and speedy way.

Features of Total Commander for Windows 10

  • Total Commander has dual pane file display. Using this Dual Pane view, you arrange, access all files and folder in better way.
  • Keyboard shortcuts are available for faster work. Total Commander has many shortcut keys for file handling task. You can easily edit, copy, view or delete files using these shortcuts.
  • Customization options will allow you to add your own shortcuts.
  • You can change date and time of files.
  • Total Commander is a best file compare program.
  • You can filter files as per your requirement by giving specific criteria. Same way you can Mark the files as per criteria.
  • Directory Menu gives users quick access to folder and directories.
  • Button bar Menu is designed with all necessary options and buttons. This Button Bar menu is customizable. You can change font, color, icon, menu as per your requirement.
  • Using View menu, you can view many options for file list.
  • You can easily transfer files between two drives.
  • You can also search for duplicate files, synchronize directories and split or combine big files.

Install Total Commander on Windows 10

Total Commander for Windows 10 Free Download

Total Commander supports Windows 10. Total Commander is available in many languages. Easy to download and install.  This is one of the best file manager for Windows. It is better replacement for Windows Explorer. Total Commander Application looks very simple, not that much attractive but it has many amazing features.

Total Commander is great application for office use, where every day you have to handle many files on systems and need to keep track of each and every files and folders. You can open, edit, move, copy or delete files easily and quickly. So Download Total Commander application and enjoy all features and benefits of this wonderful program.