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TweetDeck for Windows 10

Tweetdeck for Windows 10

TweetDeck is Twitter’s official desktop application. TweetDeck for Windows 10 will allow users to send and receive tweets. This is most powerful Twitter Application. TweetDeck enables users to manage and view Twitter’s profiles and pages. If you have many Twitter accounts then TweetDeck is the best solution to handle and manage your all accounts.

Download and Install TweetDeck for Windows 10

TweetDeck supports Windows operating system. It is available for Windows 10. TweetDeck application is very easy to download. Click on Download tab and application download start immediately. TweetDeck is available for all operating systems.TweetDeck for Windows 10

Features of TweetDeck :

  • TweetDeck application will assist to perform Twitter functionality easily.
  • TweetDeck application is simple and easy to understand.
  • You can manage multiple conversions and messages.
  • Users can view and share videos and photos.
  • You can easily manage and organize your multiple Twitter accounts.
  • TweetDeck is an excellent tool for business and organizations to manage their social accounts. TweetDeck is also integrated with other social network like Facebook LinkedIn.
  • TweetDeck has arranged user’s columns in one horizontal row. So you can navigate smoothly left to right with the scrollbar.
  • You can manage your columns with the help of new Columns button.
  • Menu icon on tweet will allow you to give instant access to many Tweet actions.
  • Users can use Schedule tweet option to show your update at some time the future. This is fantastic feature of TweetDeck application.
  • TweetDeck will add hashtags automatically, when you make a reply to somebody.
  • It will organize and build custom timelines.
  • TweetDeck also keep the track of searches, list and activity.
  • You can also mute users.
  • You can share your account with your team, without sharing password. 

TweetDeck application for Windows 10 has a simple design and interface, which is very easy to understand various functionality of TweetDeck. It works very fast. TweetDeck has unique and wonderful features, which creates smooth functionality and flow in TweetDeck application. There are many tricks and hidden functionality available in TweetDeck application.

Keyboards shortcuts are available to finish your work quickly. The application flexibility will give you more chance to explore your ideas and tricks. Overall, TweetDeck application is the best Twitter application.