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UltraVNC for Windows 10

UltraVNC for Windows 10

UltraVNC is remote access program, which display a screen of another computer on your screen. It will allow you to access another computer. You can use your mouse and keyboard to control the other PC remotely. It is based on VNC – Virtual Network Computing technology. UltraVNC for Windows 10 provides access anyone who creates VNC connections between two or more PCs. User can access remote computer from anywhere. It is most powerful easy to use computer application.UltraVNC for Windows 10

Download and Install UltraVNC for Windows 10

UltraVNC supports Windows 10. You need to download this software on both PC the Viewer and the Server. In installation process you can set up level of access, controls, display settings, disabling clipboard transfers and many more according to your need. Once you have established UltraVNC set up properly then it is easy to create connections between computers.

This program is distributed between two parts. One is the server and other is the viewer. Viewer is the computer who controls the server.

Features of UltraVNC

  • UltraVNC is the best option for Computer support. You can access customer’s computer from anywhere and can solve it immediately sitting at their desk.
  • UltraVNC provides high speed. It assist you to get connect fast and share data quickly.
  • UltraVNC is fantastic helpdesk remote control program.
  • UltraVNC has flexible connection.
  • User can chat and transfer files quickly.
  • UltraVNC has support for data stream modification plug-ins.
  • UltraVNC has an encryption plug-in to secure the client/server connection.
  • UltraVNC supports file transfers, chat functionality and many authentication methods.

You can keep your important files on one computer, and you can access it whenever you need, by using UltraVNC program. You can sit at home and access your office PC easily. Easily share your files and data. Administrator can solve your PC issue or problem sitting on his own PC. It is free remote access software.