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VIM Text Editor for Windows 10

VIM Text Editor for Windows 10

Vim is the finest text editor. It provides proficient text editing. Vim is an advanced version of vi editor. Vim is perfect for all types of text editing including email writing to programming. Selecting the best editor is first and basic step of effective writing. Vim is the best editor to present and explore your writing ideas. Vim text editor for Windows 10 has many simple and advanced techniques for writing, which creates good habits of writing and makes your writing experience easier.

Download and Install Vim Text Editor for Windows 10

Vim is fully compatible with Windows 10. Vim supports many operating systems. If you want to download Vim for Windows 10, then go to Vim website and click on Download link. Once you finished with downloading and installation process you can instantly start Vim program. It takes few minutes for installation. It is very easy to install.VIM Text Editor for Windows 10

Features of Vim-

  • Vim is a text editing program, which helps to edit text, save text and its main function is to assist in code editing function.
  • Vim includes function of syntax highlighting and row numbering, which is necessary for programming.
  • Vim includes spell checker tools for various languages. It also gives you correct suggestions for the spelling mistakes.
  • Vim recognizes many programming languages and you can set the syntax manually.
  • You can convert a simple text to HTML or to hexadecimal¬†code in just one click.
  • You can open multiple files in the same window.
  • Vim has specific commands for C programming and similar to that.
  • Vim has great method of record a macro.

Vim is mainly developed and designed for programmers and developers. Vim is free and open source software. Vim has very simple interface. Vim looks similar to simple text editor. Vim has Online Help support. Vim uses many modes and tools for editing, coding and programming. It shows you right direction for editing and help you to finish your task fast.

Become an expert with Vim by downloading and reading this book: Practical Vim: Edit Text at the Speed of Thought