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WhatsApp Calling for Windows 10

WhatsApp Calling for Windows 10

The most talked about feature these days is WhatsApp calling wherein every WhatsApp user would become eligible for using these services. The company is engaged in testing of the feature wherein a call has been connected to a set of random users to check the quality of voice and security. While all of this is going on, users are quite excited to use this feature and enjoy calling over WhatsApp using internet.

For users to begin using the application they are just required to download the upgraded version of the app and once this is done they can begin using the calling feature. The calling feature will get enabled on WhatsApp and after that the user can make a call to other WhatsApp users. Three new tabs will be seen after the user receives a call which includes the list of chats, contact details and also a voice calling group. It is clear that a call can be made or received from the users who have WhatsApp installed on their devices and have also upgraded its version to the latest one. All the calls on WhatsApp can be made using internet hence users need not to spend their hard earned money for calling over WhatsApp.

Download Whatsapp for Windows 10

This recent development of WhatsApp has brought forward lots of excitement amongst the users and everyone is eager to use it. For those users who are willing to use it on their PCs they have to follow the steps mentioned on Web and will have to upgrade their WhatsApp to the latest version so that they can attend and make calls to their contacts on WhatsApp.