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WhatsApp For Windows 10

Whatsapp for Windows 10

Install Whatsapp Messenger on Windows 10 PC. WhatsApp for Windows 10 makes keeping in touch with loved ones, peers and colleagues an easy endeavor, all the while providing an extremely cheap alternative to calls and messaging, provided you have availed internet connectivity.

In a world where texting has replaced phone calls and intimacy is measured and emotion expressed via status uploads and display pictures, WhatsApp is the current ‘in’ thing. Free phone calls, texts and several options to share multimedia—audio, video, images, location, and files—, along with options to create group chats of varying privacy settings make WhatsApp as attractive as it could be among cross-platform IM apps.

Its reach transcends borders and service providers, and connects internationally, bringing families, friends, and lovers together for very little data expenditure. The large collection of emoticons add another dimension to the IM experience which was only later incorporated into their software and services by phone companies and service providers.

Whatsapp for windows 10

Privacy is not a concern either, for WhatsApp users. With options to customise every aspect of user profiles, to regulate privacy is an added attraction in the times of extensive cyber crimes including identity theft, cyber bullying, and harassment. As the leading IM platform, WhatsApp ensures a comfortable chatting experience.

The options available include being able to block contacts; setting the privacy options to ‘everyone’, ‘my contacts’, and ‘none’; etc. it also offers the option of connecting to Facebook so as to import the user profile from Facebook. Whatsapp is convenient, almost inexpensive, and is highly private—what everybody needs in this fast paced world where privacy, safety and a cheap alternative to calls and texts.

While WhatsApp had initially been designed solely for smart phone users, in 2015, the web version was received, which can be accessed through any web browser and synced to the WhatsApp mobile accounts of the clients.

This has the added advantage of being able to access WhatsApp via internet, even if your phone is down—be it because of a dead battery or reception issues, and respond accordingly.

The Windows 10 version is a further extension of this initiative—it is part of the series intended to be directly installed in your PC. This would require the use of an android emulator, YouWave or BlueStacks, two popular android emulators currently being employed.

The process is simple:
Download BlueStacks online here, or alternatively, YouWave through  which will install the android emulator necessary to run WhatsApp on a PC.

Download WhatsApp:

Connect to Google PlayStore through the emulator and either search for ‘Whatsapp for Windows 10’,  download the .apk file.

The last step is to open the file using the emulator you have used, and connect to your original WhatsApp account.

With more than a billion users, WhatsApp is a network of its own;enabling WhatsApp on your PC would add to your connectivity without any of the hassle involved in classic texting platforms and bring you all the more closer to the people you care for.