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Download Movie Maker for Windows 10

Download Movie Maker for Windows 10. Windows Movie maker is a software that runs on Windows 10, first launched in year 2000. It is a video editing software by which you can make movies, edit videos and also publish them too. This software is available in 64 different languages and in different formats. So, we can run this software in different operating system like Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Windows Movie Maker Is Not Working On Windows 10?

If Windows Movie maker is not working on your Windows 10 desktop or laptop then, download the latest version of Windows Movie Maker or right-click on the app launcher and select a older version of Windows to run the software in Windows 10 compatibility mode.

Download Movie Maker for Windows 10

Download and Install Windows Movie Maker on Windows 10

This software is having different features like it is so easy to use. By this software, you can record voice while watching video. You can also add another audio clip to that audio file after saving the audio file. After clicking any video, you can drop any clip and you can add any clip in between. Adding special effects and themes make our video much better than before. You can add video files in place of audio tracks. It changes video files into audio at the time of use and then that video will work like an audio clip. You can upload your video to the leading video sharing site VIMEO. It supports MPEG 4 too. Your all files will be auto saved in memory. So, you will not lose them in case of sudden shutdown.

After reading all the details regarding this software, we reached on a conclusion that we can use this software so easily. It is simple, very quick, complete software and having professional quality tools too. You can easily download this software from the official site of this software. You can use it in any Windows device like tablet, mobile or laptop.