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WinSCP for Windows 10

WinSCP assist you to easily transfers files between local and a remote computer. It is safest, smooth and secure file transferring system. WinSCP supports SFTP, SCP, FTPS and FTP client. WinSCP for Windows 10 also offers File manager and File synchronization functionality. Sometimes we have to transfer data or files between two machines which are using completely different operating system. Then WinSCP is the best solution.

WinSCP for Windows 10

WinScp for Windows 10

WinSCP is free and easy to download. WinSCP supports Windows 10. Go to WinSCP website and download and Install WinSCP application. WinSCP is safe and secure to download. At first time you may feel WinSCP is difficult and complicated to handle, but always remember it is one of the secure utility.

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Features of WinScp

  • When you are installing this application, WinSCP allows you select your comfortable interface. You need to select right interface for yourself. Explorer Interface is similar to windows Explorer. Commander Interface is based on keyboard control. You can use it without touching mouse and it works faster.
  • WinSCP application can be translated in many languages.
  • WinSCP supports SFTP and SCP protocols.
  • WinSCP supports SSH, secure shell for secure file transfer.
  • Users can easily integrate WinSCP with Windows. You can open recent sites with Jump List. Drag&Drop increase capability of downloading files.
  • WinSCP allows you do to basic operations of files easily.
  • WinSCP offers scripting and command line interface.
  • WinSCP has simple text editor to edit files.
  • WinSCP has many ways to synchronize directories of local and remote computer.

WinSCP for Windows 10 allows you to create bookmark of directory. You can bookmark directory, which you need to access frequently. WinSCP is a free open source file transfer system for Windows. It also offers scripting and basic file manager functionality. You can also view and edit files. WinSCP always protect login details and private information. WinSCP is designed with amazing features and functionality.

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