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WPS Office for Windows 10

WPS Office for Windows 10

WPS Office is an excellent Office Suite for Microsoft Windows 10. It is combination of three different applications РWPS Writer, WPS Presentation, and WPS Spreadsheet. This is the best application for office use. It is a good alternative for Microsoft Office. It is very easy to use. WPS Office  for Windows 10 will assist you to complete your office task quickly and more efficiently. It will allow you to open, create, and delete any office documents. WPS Office is the best office suite.

Download and Install WPS Office for Windows 10

WPS Office supports Windows 10 operating system. It is basically developed for Microsoft Windows. The personal basic version is free to use. It has multiple language support. WPS Office is available in small size and it works fast. It is very easy to download and install.

WPS Office for Windows 10

Features of WPS Office

WPS Office includes three main applications:

  • WPS Writer- This application allows you to create text documents. You can apply different font styles, colors and also arrange data in tables, columns, paragraphs. WPS Writer supports many formatting tools. Spell check option will keep your document error free.
  • WPS Presentation- You can create amazing presentations and slideshow for office meetings. It supports many formatting tools and advanced animation feature for creating attractive presentations.
  • WPS Spreadsheet- This application enables you to create and edit spreadsheets. WPS Spreadsheet provides many formulas and functions for easy calculations. You can organize and analyze complex data. It includes charts, formatting tools and many more features.
  • WPS Office has many innovative and amazing features.
  • You can view, edit and create any document in WPS Office.
  • WPS Office provides 230 fonts and many free templates.
  • Users can easily create professional documents.
  • WPS Office supports PDF documents. Added built-in PDF reader features allows you to open PDF documents in WPS Writer.
  • WPS Office provides two different user-friendly interfaces- Modern Interface and Classic Interface. In just one click you can change the interface.
  • WPS Office has rich 2D and 3D text and object effects.
  • You can manage, switch and handle multiple documents by using¬†WPS’s built-in tab management functions.