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ZoomText for Windows 10

ZoomText is screen magnifier and reading software for Windows Operating system. If you have any difficulty in reading text or any other objects on computer screen, then ZoomText is the best solution. ZoomText for Windows 10 will help you to read text clearly with magnification tool. ZoomText is available in three different versions.

One is ZoomText Magnifier, which will enlarge everything on your screen. Second is ZoomText Magnifier/Reader, which is screen reading program and it also include features of magnifier. Third is ZoomText Fusion, which offers all features of ZoomText Magnifier/Reader and plus it is a complete screen reader.


ZoomText for Windows 10

ZoomText for Windows 10

ZoomText fully supports Windows 10. ZoomText is available in many languages. If you want to download ZoomText, go to ZoomText website and download free trial of ZoomText software. You can easily download and install Zoom Text application. Speech Output is available in installation and set up process.

Features of  ZoomText

  • ZoomText is based on xFont technology. Using this technology you can clearly see all text at any magnification levels. You can see text with high definition clarity in any application available on your system.
  • A Zoom Window shows magnified view of computer screen. You can scroll down to view any area of the screen. ZoomText has eight different zoom windows.
  • ZoomText great feature of Enhancements, using this you can improve clarity of screen and text. ZoomText has different types of enhancements, Color Enhancements, Pointer Enhancements, Smooth Pointer Enhancements, Cursor Enhancements and Focus Enhancements. Using this option you can view text clearly.
  • ZoomText Dual Monitor support will allow you to see magnified viewing area to next screen.
  • ZoomText Camera option allows you to use HD Webcam to view different objects on computer screen. 
  • Enhanced Web Finder allows you to search on web for specific words and phrases.
    Desktop Finder allows you to find and open programs that are available on your system.
    Text Finder allows you to quickly find text within application.
  • ZoomText supports for all touch screen devices.
  • ZoomText has smooth navigation features. Using this you can navigate or scroll your application with smooth and comfortable way.

ZoomText is basically designed and developed for visually impaired people. Users can easily see and hear anything on their computer screen. ZoomText is world’s best magnifier and reading software.