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Download Zune PC Suite for Windows 10 Phone

Zune software is a Windows Phone 10 PC Suite that can be used for moving contents in between Lumia phone and a Windows 10 computer. This is the only tool available for Lumia phone users to do the PC integration. This also helps a lot in software upgrading and the main highlight of the tool is that it has an excellent user interface.

Zune PC Suite for Windows Phone 10 has a number of uses to any Lumia phone user. When the phone is connected to the computer, the app opens up a bright and vibrant menu. It has bold icons to select in the menus. Though Zune software offers a number of methods to get connected, the best way is to use a USB cable and the Zune software for Windows 10 is user friendly and has a step by step setup wizard for installation.

Download Zune App For Windows 10

Download Zune App for Windows 10

This tool helps you to take a backup of your phone contents like contacts, messages, images; videos etc. Calendar items can also be taken a backup. So a calendar event updated on your phone will be on Windows 10 calendar as well. This does not just make a backup but gets synchronized with the contents on Windows 10. Hence, with this tool your personal contents become very safe.

The tool follows the Microsoft’s style of being simple and user friendly, but the drawback with the tool is that it does not work for all models. Hence, it does disappoint few Nokia users. Except for this drawback Nokia PC suite has gained popularity among Nokia users.